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Experience the benefits of yoga with your child at Grow 'n' Shine Yoga. Our professional and experienced instructor has designed sessions for kids to teens, incorporating mindfulness and exercise in a fun and creative way. Give your child the gift of health and wellness today.


Our mission


At Grow 'n' Shine Yoga, our mission is to empower kids and teens to find their inner-spark

and enlighten their lives with confidence and resilience.


In today's world, children face so many challenges - from academic pressure, to family issues, peer pressure, health-related stressors, fear of the future, social media and cyber-bullying, trauma and adverse childhood experiences... All these factors are sources of stress and anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence, that have long-lasting effects on a child's emotional well-being and mental health.


At Grow 'n' Shine, we help children and teens to find inner-peace, balance and strength.

We provide the tools to navigate the physical, mental and emotional roadblocks that life throws their way, to bounce back and shine their light.

Our classes

Our classes are age-adapted and include: 

  • Fun and educational specialised Yoga Therapy exercises to enhance body strength, muscle tone, balance and flexibility;

  • Powerful breathing techniques to manage stress, increase focus and regulate emotions;

  • Partner and group games to build trust and strengthen relationships;

  • Calming meditation and visualisations to improve sleep and find inner-peace;

  • Mindfulness activities to foster a healthy positive mindset and self-esteem.

Classes are held at East Gosford & Point Clare during school terms. 


Custom tailored programmes can be organised for schools.



About Carina

My name is Carina Barnett,

Founder of Grow ‘n’ Shine Yoga

and certified Yoga for Kids Teacher.


With 18 years of experience as a Primary School Teacher and nearly three decades of personal yoga practice, I have witnessed the challenges that children encounter in today's classrooms.


Drawing from my own transformative journey, where yoga played a pivotal role in overcoming childhood traumas, I am compelled to share the profound benefits of yoga with young learners.


Motivated by my passion, I have become a certified Children's Yoga Teacher with Zenergy Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher with Ovio. I am  also a certified Food & Nutrition Coach and Holistic Wellness Coach from Nature Care College.

I am also fully trained in First Aid and PCR, and have a current Working with Children Check

and Police Check.

My goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of the children I engage with,

to equip them with the skills and profound awareness of self-support,

thus providing them with the ability

to navigate life's challenges with confidence

and resilience,

to pursue their aspirations

and to shine their light well into adulthood.


Our Happy Yogis

Valley View Primary School_edited.jpg

"My stage 1 class really enjoyed our weekly yoga classes with Carina, this term. They found some facets of the lesson quite tricky sometimes, but enjoyed the challenge of building their skills week to week. They have learnt some strategies for relaxation that may be useful when they need to regulate certain behaviours or just unwinding after a busy day. Deep breathing, visualization and mindfulness. I definitely have noticed a positive change in concentration in the classroom, particularly after our session. Thanks Carina, the little rewards and encouragement have raised the confidence of my students."

Suzy P. - School Teacher

December 2023

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